Welded Pipe Trellis Systems

V Style Orchard Trellis – Welded Pipe

The V Style Welded Pipe System includes a 2-3/8″ drill pipe with stake slots welded onto the pipe, an off-set line stake, cross arm, and an optional hoop.


  • Welded pipe base provides a solid foundation for the trellis. No bolting required!
  • Growers install the foundational pipe base first. This can be done in the off season when field work is slow.
  • Stakes are inserted into the foundational base.
  • Significant reduction in time spent on ladders in the field. The installation of this system is done at ground level.

Vertical Orchard Trellis – Welded Pipe

The Vertical Pipe System includes a 2-3/8″ spaded drill pipe, with an off-set line stake welded onto the pipe.


  • Labor savings = Allows for ease of installation since both units can be installed at the same time
  • Wire slots are set, providing a framework for crews to easily place wires in the appropriate slot location
  • Strength and durability of the drill pipe allows for installing and breaking through difficult caliche with ease