Bird Control

Protect Your Investment

We specialize in supplies for the agriculture industry. That’s why we carry the best quality bird netting and bird control solutions on the market. JSC’s supply chain is unparalleled and our product line includes both traditional options like netting and bird bangers to modern options like automated lasers.

Need bird netting to protect your vineyard? We completely understand. Bird damage in the vineyard is a big issue. It can lead to issues involving fungus, other insects, and more.  We understand how important your crop is to you, and we want to help protect your investment. Check out our bird control products for your  vineyard below. We offer everything from bird scare tape to bird netting. Feel free to reach out to our product specialists if you have any questions.

New Automated Bird Control Lasers are here!

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New to our product lineup is the autonomic bird control laser. This innovative and fully automatic bird deterrent is a great alternative to netting, which can be expensive to deploy year after year. You can check out all the details below, including testimonials from customers looking to protect their crop just like you! Learn more about the bird control laser from the manufacturer.

To learn more about our bird control products, give us a call at 661-616-6977 or submit a quote request