As a leading supplier of vineyard industry products, we offer a large assortment of vineyard post clips and other corresponding hardware. Our inventory includes trellis hardware clips, metal training stake clips, vineyard C clips, and u-bolts. We also have clips appropriate for:

  • Vertical trellis systems
  • Securing catch wires
  • Securing training stakes to training wires

If you’re not sure what vineyard post clips you need, our sales team can help. Check out our available vineyard trellis clips and other products below, and let us know if you have any questions. You can call us at 661-616-6977 or request a quote online.

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Looking for additional vineyard industry products? We’ve been in the industry for six decades, and our company goes above and beyond vineyard post clips. We have everything from field supplies and crop protection solutions to tying supplies and tensioning products. Check out some of our additional vineyard and trellis solutions or take a look at our additional resources below: