Steel Trellis Solutions

Find the right fruit trellis solution for your needs.

JSC Ag Supply manufactures and stocks a wide assortment of vineyard trellis posts for growers nationwide. However, our capabilities go above and beyond servicing grape growers. We’ve worked with growers to trellis apples, berries, nuts, oranges, kiwis, raisins, tomatoes, cherries, hops, cannabis, and more. From wood posts and wire to clips and anchors, we have the experience and resources required for any type of trellising solution. Our quality trellis materials are manufactured at our on-site production plant located in the USA all year round. 

Check out some of the fruit trellis applications we’ve partnered with growers on in the past:

Apple steel trellising in orchard

Apple Trellising

Berry Trellising

Olive Steel Trellis

Olive Trellising

Kiwi Steel Trellis

Kiwi Trellising

Citrus Trellising


Cannabis steel Trellis

Cannabis Trellising

table grape steel trellis

Table Grape Trellising

wine grape steel trellis

Wine Grape Trellising

If you’re interested in learning more about our trellis solutions, give us a call. With over 60 years of experience in the ag industry, we can help you with any trellising situation. Whether it’s for fruit, cannabis, or a large vineyard, we have you covered. Check out some of our other trellis supplies or request a quote now.