Jul 6, 2019

Vineyard bird control: What it is, why you need it, and where to get it

As a grape grower, you need bird control for your vineyard. There is no other way around it. Without bird control for your vineyard, you’ll suffer some pretty hefty losses — in fact, bird damage is one of the most significant factors influencing the profit of vineyards. Let’s break down vineyard bird control a bit more.

Why do you need bird control?  

There are a variety of reasons you may need bird control in your vineyard. Here are some of the top advantages of bird control listed by Street Directory:

  • Health: All animals come with their fair share of diseases that can cause some pretty uncomfortable illnesses for humans. If you keep disease-carrying animals (like birds) far from your crops, then you’re also doing what you can to limit the spread of disease.
  • Protection: Without bird control (such as bird netting or automated bird lasers), you’re leaving your crops open to pecking, which will damage your crops and cut into your profit.
  • Preservation: If you use alternative methods of bird control such as pesticides, you could be putting birds in unnecessary harm. However, when you employ traditional bird control (bird netting) or modern bird control (automated bird lasers), you’re keeping birds away from your crops but in a safe and effective manner.

Where can you find bird control? 

If you’re asking the question, “Where’s bird control near me?” you might find yourself googling phrases such as “bird netting Amazon” or “bird netting Home Depot.” However, it’s important to weigh your options here. When it comes to something as important as vineyard bird control, you need to hunt down a legitimate supply company that specializes in the agriculture industry. You need a company that understands what you need specifically, as well as how the industry operates on a larger scale. 

If you’re interested in partnering with a specialty vineyard supply company, take a few minutes to learn about JSC Ag Supply. We are the premier manufacturer of metal trellising solutions, and we sell to customers large and small. 

What types of bird control exist? 

There are a variety of ways to implement bird control. For example, there are companies that manufacture bird gels, spikes, and noise-making devices. However, bird netting and automated bird lasers are typically the best methods of bird control. This is because they don’t require much upkeep or maintenance (aside from the initial install), and they are not harmful to birds, crops, or workers. (Check out this laser bird deterrent in action at a California vineyard.)

Our bird netting, in particular, is high-quality, durable, and flexible and used by vineyards all across the country. We supply both extruded, plastic bird netting, as well as woven bird netting

As another option, we also offer the Autonomic 500 Bird Control Laser. This is a fully automated bird repelling system — it’s your fix-it-and-forget-it bird control method. After you set up the laser in your vineyard, you can rest easy knowing that your crops are fully protected by the laser’s sophisticated deterrence methods. (Bird control lasers are also one step closer to vineyard mechanization and all the benefits that come with it.)

If you’re looking for more guidance, check out 5 tips to implement effective bird control at your vineyard from Bird Control Group.

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