Wood End Posts - Wholesale


Why buy from JSC Ag Supply? It’s simple, really. Our wood end posts are always stocked and readily available in a variety of sizes. With a simple ordering process and competitive price points, we are the nation’s go-to producer of vineyard supplies. Give us a call to request a custom quote today.

There is no minimum order; however, if you’re interested in the quickest delivery possible, full bundle quantities are the best option.

Our Wood Posts are available in the following diameters:

- 4"-5"

- 5"-6"

- 6"-7"

Lengths Available: 7' - 10'

Other lengths may be available based on the quantity ordered. 

Bundle Counts:

- Bundles of 100 for posts 3”-4” in diameter (ideal for vineyard rows)

- Bundles of 70 for posts 4”-5” in diameter (ideal for vineyard rows)

- Bundles of 50 for posts 5”-6” in diameter (ideal as end posts)

- Bundles of 35 for posts 6”-7” in diameter (ideal for special projects)

- Bundles of 25 for posts 7”-8” in diameter (ideal for special projects)