Tree Stake - Wholesale


We produce these in-house!
JSC's unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce these at any length. 

Jim's Supply's galvanized metal tree stakes are the perfect alternative to wood for training pistachio, almond, walnut, pecan, and various other trees.

Galvanized Coating

  • Provides protection against corrosion
  • Stakes can be recycled for multiple plantings, reducing costs

Oval Slots

  • Allow for easy removal

Available in Two Strengths

  • Regular
  • Heavy

Compatible Clips: 2.71 Soft Tension Clip , 579V Tension Clip 

Compatible U-Bolts: Standard Metal U-Bolt

Our tree stakes, or 2.71 stakes, are the traditional standard stake for full support. This is our oldest stake model dating back to 1982. This popular stake can also be used as a heavy duty intermediate stake option. It is more commonly used for grape vines, almond trees, pistachio trees, blueberries, raspberries, citrus trees, and as survey marking stakes.  We manufacture a wide range of thickness options, typically 14 to 22 gauge, depending on the application. We offer hot rolled and galvanized finishes and lengths from 18” to 20’ are available.