Super Stake - Wholesale



Gauges Available: 16, 15, 14, 13, 12

Finishes Available: Galvanized, Hot Rolled

Compatible Clips: Super Stake Permanent ClipDouble Sided Clip (Nose Clip), Single Sided Clip

Compatible U-Bolts: Standard Super Stake U-BoltOff Set Super Stake U-Bolt

Compatible Crossarm: Super Stake Crossarm (call for details)

The Super Stake is a high strength support stake that is intended to stand alone. Crossarms can be attached to the stake, but wires can also be clipped directly to the stake to achieve desired wire positions.  Since wires can be clipped directly to the Super Stake, this item does not have slots.  This stake was originally designed for use in the Vertical Shoot Position (VSP) trellis system.  VSP also includes 3” and/or 6” Super Stake Canopy management cross arms that conveniently require no additional mounting hardware. As an alternative, traditional crossarms can be mounted using Super Stake U-bolts and OSS u-bolts. Our Super Stake is available in the gauges listed and can be manufactured as light as 20 gauge.  We offer hot rolled and galvanized finishes and lengths from 18” to 20’ are available.