Eco Sleeve (for t-post retrofit) - Wholesale


The Klima pruning machine is a revolutionary piece of equipment that is gaining popularity as growers continue seeking vineyard mechanization solutions. If you have an existing vineyard and you’re looking to retrofit the trellis for compatibility with mechanization processes, check out the Eco Sleeve. The Eco Sleeve attaches to an existing t-post trellis system and works with a self-releasing clip to make the system compatible with the Klima pruning machine.


Our exclusive partnership with Eco Trellis allows us to bring the benefits of the Klima pruning machine and vineyard mechanization to growers both large and small. The suite of products from Eco Trellis, including product options such as the Eco Sleeve used for retrofitting trellis systems, is revolutionizing vineyard processes. Mechanize your pruning activities at a fraction of the cost and effort manual methods demand.

If you want to learn more about this process, check out the KLIMA cane pruning machine in action. 

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