Rain Film / Vine Cover


See a short clip of our rain film in use

Vine Cover Film is rapidly growing in popularity within the grape industry. This vine cover sheeting was developed with two main purposes.

  • Rain film prevents damage during the growing season in areas where summer thunderstorms come frequently. In this situation, the hot summer sun can potentially come out and beam directly on the edible grapes, causing the water droplets left on the grapes to magnify the sun and burn the fruit.
  • Covering the vines reflects the summer sun and heat, keeping the vines and grapes cool. This in turn extends the time for the grapes to uniformly ripen and lengthens the growing season.

    Recent new grape varieties now extend the season into December, and sometimes as far out as January. They are harvested in the fall and winter months when there is a high probability of rain and sun that can damage the crop. Holes are put into the film to allow the vines to breathe, release heat and allow drain back holes for rain water.

    Vine Cover Film comes in various sizes, lengths, thicknesses, and colors. The most prevalent options are white opaque, with UVI inhibitors. Other options include white tint, green tint, and various hole configurations. UVI options of none to 3, 4 and 6 months are available.

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