Premium Root Ball Kit - Wholesale


All the benefits of the standard Rootball Kit, with the addition of the Gripple dynamic range, which provides added flexibility and adjustment during the install 

The dynamic range features:

  • Strong - High load performance for safety and security
  • Simple - Join and tension in one
  • Secure - Integral lock allows wire to be locked in both channels simultaneously with one action
  • Resilient - High-grade ceramic roller for corrosion resistance
  • Adjustable - anchor points can be moved to ensure secure installation

A DriveTool is required to install this product. 

PRBK 3, Required Drive Tool: Drive Tool No.3 (1m)

PRBK 4, Required Drive Tool: Drive Tool No.3 (1m)

PRBK 5, Required Drive Tool: Drive Tool No.3 (1.5m)

**All kits are available with 3 anchors as standard and 4 anchors are available on request**