KLIMA Compatible Crossarm - Wholesale


The KLIMA compatible crossarm is the solution you need to bring your existing vineyard trellis one step closer to realizing the benefits of vineyard mechanization (learn about the benefits of vineyard mechanization). The crossarm is paired with a high-strength nylon clip (known as the Self Releasing KLIMA Rotalock Clip). The clip is designed to keep wires in place during the growing process; however, it also allows the wires to be released when vines are ready to be machine pruned by equipment such as the KLIMA. 

The KLIMA cane pruning system mechanizes the pruning process so growers can increase their productivity by saving time and reducing the need for labor intensive manual work. The pairing of this unique crossarm and versatile self-releasing clip allows growers to implement the use of the KLIMA cane pruning machine.
If you're interested in retrofitting a t-post system to implement the use of mechanization, check out our Eco Sleeve solution. 

If you want to learn more about this process, check out the KLIMA cane pruning machine in action. 


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