Jim's Supply Line Post - Wholesale



Compatible Clips: Line Post Clip

Jim’s Supply’s Line Post, also often referred to as the Metal Line Post, is a high strength post designed for extreme weight.  These posts are typically used for table & wine grapes and vertical orchards, but have also been used for sign applications. More recently, we have seen customers use these Line Posts as interior support stakes for shade and wind applications. Jim’s Supply can manufacture this post with or without holes. Tapered ends and side slots are also available for sign posts and snow post applications.  The standard models of the Jim’s Supply Line Post produced are 1.42#, 1.68#, 1.81# and 2#, with both plain hot rolled and full galvanized finishes available.  Lengths are available from 12” to 24’. Holes can be placed 1” on center in various combinations up to full length.