Deltex Wire - Wholesale


Helpful link: Wire Dimensions chart, See a side by side comparison of Deltex Wire vs. Steel Wire

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We are the only distributor of Deltex wire in the United States

  • 8,532' per Roll
  • Deltex is neutral to temperature changes (-40°C + 70°C) (-104°F + 158°F).  As it is polyester treated with carbon black, Deltex is not conductive to electricity.
  • Because of its permanent tension, Deltex wire does not touch the ground.  It stays tight under the support wire.   Easy to work with and a time saver, Deltex wire stays attached to the posts.
  • Deltex wires are adapted for existing machines (automatic lift-up, pre-pruning machines, harvesting machines…) and facilitate their passage because they are always tight.
  • Deltex diameters do not injure plants and are neutral to all corrosion.  If the wire is severed, Deltex returns to its normal state, regaining its elasticity and falling to the ground without causing serious injuries.  Reattachments are done with a simple knot (more economical), by using a Gripple or Metal Cap.
  • With permanent tension, there is no need for retightening.  No micro-lesions occur during handling because of its elasticity and its polyester material.
  • No need for personnel nor systems for retightening.  Great ease in installation because of its light weight and suppleness.
  • The lift up is much faster because of its permanent tension (5-12 times quicker).  The time saved and ease of utilization allow for a savings of labor and a transfer of activity 5-12 times superior to that when using regular wire.  The texture of Deltex does not facilitate the attachment of tendrils.
  • Its lightness and permanent elasticity allows Deltex to adapt itself to all types of ground surfaces.  There is no need to retighten it or to put it on the ground.