Crimped Edge Vertical Line Stake - Wholesale



Compatible Clips: Crimped Edge Clip

Compatible U-Bolts: Crimped Edge Wide U-Bolt

Available in Hot Rolled or Galvanized finishes. 14GA - 12GA

The Crimped Edge Vertical Line Post is one of Jim’s Supply’s most cost effective options for Vertical Shoot Position (VSP) or Modified Sprawl trellis systems. The evolution of this post has us manufacturing our fifth edition of what was originally known as the rolled edge stake in the 1980s. As a side note, lower slots below cordon are not recommended for those using mechanical harvesters on young vines. It is also recommended that at least one wire is secured to each stake. The Crimped Edge Vertical Line Post features slots that are 6” on center apart. We offer hot rolled and galvanized finishes and thickness ranges from 14 gauge to 12 gauge.