Rancher Hydraulic Squeeze Chute - Part #003-40005

Powder River’s Rancher Hydraulic Squeeze Chute has been thoroughly tested and is now ready for your ranch. Our hydraulic chute incorporates a proven design with value engineering to make it affordable for the average rancher. (The chute is not recommended for high volume feedlots.) If you are a rancher with a desire to work your herd faster, safer and easier, choose the Rancher Hydraulic Squeeze Chute from Powder River, the industry’s quality leader.

Manual Value Chute (845 lbs) - Part #001-01003

Length Overall: 92"

Height: 75"

Width Overall: 37"

• Manual Head Gate provides wide opening for catching horned animals

• Chute sides squeeze simultaneously providing even pressure to the animal, thus reducing chance of injury

• Drop-side pipes allow animal access from either side

• Kick panels are removable on each side for checking feet, udders, etc.

• Chute sides can be adjusted at 7, 12, and 17-inches wide to accommodate for the size of the animal being worked

• A right side exit comes with every chute, allowing the animal to exit out the side if it does not want to exit out the front. The side exit is also a great safety feature if an animal gets down in the chute.

• The Value Chute is All-Steel construction for more years of service

• Nose Tongs come with each chute for keeping the head in a still position for ear tagging or dehorning

Ranger Stabilizer Squeeze Chute  (1,040 lbs.) - Part #001-30000

Recommended for small to average herds

Ranger XL Stabilizer Squeeze Chute  (1,510 lbs.) - Part #002-30000

Overall Length: 106"

Inside Length: 94"

Highest  Point: 88"

Powder River built the first All Steel Squeeze Chute over 60 years ago and continues to take livestock handling equipment to a new level of safety and ease of use with the Stabilizer line of Squeeze Chutes. The innovative Stabilizer gives cattlemen greater control of the animal than any of the conventional chutes on the Market today. The all new Stabilizer Shoulder/Head catch provides a second contact point that greatly decreases any movement of the animal’s head, allowing for ease and efficiency while working the head and neck area. By controlling the head you control the rest of the animal, thus reducing stress.

• Close the manual head gate using the rope anywhere along the side of the chute

• HD Self-Catch Head Gate is quick, simple to operate and dependable

• Return Spring resets the shoulder/ head catch

• Ten Drop Down Side Pipes for easy access to the animal

• All Steel split Kick Panels on each side fold down or can be removed – providing a safe and easy access to the lower part of the animal.

• Patented Stabilizer Manual Shoulder/Head Catch provides optimum control of the animal by providing a second point of contact on the animal’s neck – also works as a manual head gate for horned cattle and calves

XL Manual Chute with Right Exit - Part # 002-10052

2 1/2: Square Tube Stanchions

The Powder River XL Manual Squeeze Chute with Right Side Exit is Powder River’s top selling squeeze chute. This chute will stand up to the toughest of conditions. It will handle bulls, large cows, and even calves if necessary. If you are debating between a Value Chute and the XL Chute, go with the XL. It will hold its value and last for many years to come, no matter how many head you run through it.

• Head Stanchion, Center Squeeze, split tailgate controlled from one position enabling one-man operation

•  Drop side pipes allow animal access from both sides for vaccinating, pour-on, etc.

• Tailgate locks open, allowing one-man operation of the tailgate while working animal into the chute

• Designed for animals up to 2500 lbs.

• Positive locking side exit latch prevents accidentally opening

Safety latch provides operator assurance on chute’s exit side J V-Pattern squeeze provides even pressure on animal to keep them in a balanced upright position while being worked

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