Chute Accessories


Chute Trailer (280 lbs) - Part #004-00100

Length Overall: 154"

Width Overall: 70"

Frame: 52"

Five 15" Lug Rims (no tires)

Ball Hitch: 2"

From small producers to large sprawling operations, this chute trailer will get your chute to the cattle. A heavy-duty winch and cable lifts the chute into a transport position where it is secured with four pins. (Tires are not included.) It will not work with the Value Chute and is not designed for highway use. Order stirrups separately for Hydraulic, XL Rancher Stabilizer, Self-Catch (Auto) or Longhorn Chute.

Loading Ramp (Portable) - Part #012-00011

Loading Ramp (Stationary) - Part #012-00010

Ramp: 14'

Height Settings: 30 to 50"

Rims: 15" 5-lug

Bow Heights: 7'7" & 10'7"

Width Inside: 35"

Solid Sides: 18"

Height of Sides: 54"

Hitch: 2" Ball

Axle: 3/12" Sq. Tube, 1/4" Wall

Entry fitted with panel pins & clips (Tires not included)

With its gentle slope and unique stair-step design, this all-steel loading ramp allows you to load any type of livestock with ease. The stairs are fabricated from diamond steel plate, which will withstand many years of heavy use. The deck height is adjustable from 30 to 50 inches. A handoperated winch makes adjusting the ramp simple and quick. The ramp locks into place with a safety chain when the desired height is reached. The ramp can be ordered stationary or portable.

Pregnancy Test Gate (211 lbs.) - Part #004-00040

Gate: 30 x 52"

Length Overall: 34"

Width Overall: 28"

Height: 78"

13-gauge frame, 12-gauge sheeting

Protect yourself and your veterinarian with Powder River’s Pregnancy Testing Gates. A positive single bar spring loaded latch locks off the alley, forming a protected work-space. The Pregnancy Gates connect to both Classic XL Squeeze Chutes.

Value Pregnancy Test Gate (124 lbs.) - Part #004-00020

Gates, 16-gauge 30 x 64"

Length Overall: 34"

Width Overall: 28"

Height: 78"

13-gauge frame

Value Pregnancy Testing Gates are designed to connect to the Value Chutes using our quick pin and clip connectors. They include a spring loaded latch gate on each side for easy access, creating a safe working area. They can even be used as cut out gates.

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