Bamboo Training Stake - Wholesale


Compatible Clip: Bamboo Clip

Available sizes:

- 5/8" Bamboo
- 3/4" Bamboo
- 1/2" Bamboo

    Available Lengths:

    - 4'

    - 5'

    - 6'

    Bamboo training stakes are used to train vines and plants in the early growing stages. They can be used in a variety of applications, including grape trellising, nursery stock, roses, and more. Since bamboo training stakes are inexpensive and naturally strong, they are a popular alternative to traditional wood training stakes. At JSC Ag Supply, we carry bamboo training stakes in multiple lengths and thicknesses, and they can be delivered nationwide. 

    If you’re looking for additional training support stakes, we have other options available. These options include everything from rebar and pencil rods to galvanized and wood stakes. Check out our additional training stake options for training vines and plants.