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Featured testimonial from a vineyard customer.  

Featured testimonial from a blueberry farmer.

New at JSC Ag Supply! Protect your investment with an AUTOMATIC bird deterrent laser. 

Recommended: 1 Autonomic per 10 ha (24 acres) for vineyard and orchards.

Autonomic is a fully automated bird repelling system that provides continuous bird repelling capability after a one-time configuration. 

When the Autonomic is operational, birds perceive the system’s approaching laser beam as a physical danger and disperse to seek safety. In contrast to conventional deterrence methods, birds will not become accustomed to the Autonomic. They will consider the area as unsafe and will not return.

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Operating temperature Autonomic 500: -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)

Why Choose Autonomic?

  • Cost effective as opposed to expensive labor required for applying alternative bird control options
  • 24/7 prevention of bird presence
  • Easy to deploy
  • AC power or solar energy powered

Long range
Autonomic enables effective bird repelling across long distances and wide areas.

Advanced laser technology
Bird Control Group dedicated years of research to develop the ultimate laser beam. This was accomplished by applying a combination of highly precise optics, filtering and light frequencies. The result is exceptional bird repelling performance. 

More animal and environmentally friendly
Autonomic is an environmentally friendly and silent solution that is not harmful to birds.

No habituation
The dynamic action of the Autonomic results in continued, effective bird repelling over time.