About JSC Ag Supply

Your Premier Manufacturer of Trellising Solutions 

JSC Agricultural Supply, a division of Jim’s Supply, focuses on providing supplies & solutions to the agriculture industry. We manufacture stakes and crossarms for trellising in vineyards, orchards, and a large assortment of fruits at our USA production plant. Our extensive product line also includes end posts, wire, anchors, animal control, vine protection, and fencing supplies.  In addition to our unique manufacturing capabilities, we also provide everyday farming necessities to contractors and individuals working directly in the field, including harvest supplies, pruning supplies, safety and sanitation supplies, and more!

JSC takes pride in our individualized service and solutions for both large and small growers alike. With deep roots in Kern County and a commitment to the community, JSC Agricultural Supply is a family-owned business that serves local growers and customers throughout the world.

Our business has recently expanded to include an online store and retail locations in Delano and Santa Rosa, California.  Headquartered in Bakersfield, California, our professional sales team is committed to providing excellent service so that you can focus your time and money on your business.