Eco Trellis

JSC is the exclusive USA distributor of Eco Trellis

Click to view photos from our mechanical pruning demonstration day, featuring the Klima machine and Eco Trellis product line

ECO TRELLIS ® offers a complete vineyard trellising solution using posts, clips and strainers as relevant to site location. It’s the perfect system for both new vineyard developments and the replacement of damaged wooden posts.

  • Patented Clip Range: High-strength nylon clips are subjected to stringent laboratory testing to ensure superior overall quality. Simple to insert by hand, they also work well with automated vine-stripping applications.
  • Strainer Systems: ECO TRELLIS ® consists of interchangeable strainer systems. These include Tie-Back Strainers, Conventional Strainers & Box Strainers. For more information click below
  • Posts: Made from high-strength galvanised carbon steel coated with a thick layer of zinc, ensuring high durability against corrosion. Fully recyclable, easy installation & Environmentally Friendly.

Due to a shortage of labor and an increase in labor costs, JSC Agricultural Supply recognizes that growers are continually seeking newer, more efficient methods for their vineyard operations in order to maintain productivity. Specifically designed to work with mechanical pruning options, including Klima technology, Eco Trellis offers them a complete vineyard trellising system that uses posts, clips, and strainers appropriate to the site location.

With the exclusive partnership between JSC Agricultural Supply and Eco Trellis, growers both large and small can take advantage of the significant labor-saving opportunities offered by the Klima machine pruning system. Eco Trellis’s suite of products includes the Eco Sleeve, a retrofit component for existing T-post trellises in the USA. This sleeve is designed to make a grower’s current trellis system compatible with the Klima system, which provides quality mechanical pruning at a fraction of the price and effort associated with manual methods.

The ECO TRELLIS ® Advantage

Meticulous research and testing, followed by a comprehensive product-development process in the vineyard. For additional information on the ECO TRELLIS ® Advantage visit the Eco Trellis Website or contact the team.

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