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Trellis Materials Manufactured to Your Exact Specifications

Our in house design and R&D team allow us to create truly unique systems and options. Not only can JSC offer a customized trellis solution, JSC can also deliver the best price and quickest turnaround in the industry. This is accomplished by having an in-house manufacturing facility complete with 11 metal roll forming machines. Our large stock of metal coil allows us to go from concept to design to production quicker than anyone else in the industry.  The JSC staff has over 100 years of trellising experience ready to assist our grower partners.

Our unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize trellis materials according to each customer’s needs. We’ve worked with hundreds of custom requests from growers. These requests have included everything from varying lengths and hole patterns to specific notches and hot rolled or galvanized finishes. In addition, our research and development team is continuously developing prototypes for up-and-coming products, all designed to benefit the growing process.  Simply put, we work with the grower to produce the solution that works best for their application. Whether these requests are hand-drawn on a piece of paper or digitally created by an engineer, our team can take your ideas and turn them into a reality.

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Check out this unique trellising solution we custom-created for a vineyard in Monterey, California.

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